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Matcha Mom’s Kimono

Rent for Silk Kimono Inner (Size S, M, L)

Rent for Silk Kimono Inner (Size S, M, L)

Silk Kimono inner "Nagajuban" 

This is the inner that you wear inside a kimono which is called "Nagajuban." This "Nagajuban" made from silk, so it is very computable to wear. The color is dark red. This Nagajuban is collared, so you do not have to put a collar part. 

Size S

This kimono size is S. 

The length 158cm 5'2 feet

The length of sleeve 49cm 1'7 feet

Size M

This kimono size is M. 155~165cm 5~5.5 feet

The length 168.5cm 5'5 feet

The length of sleeve 49cm 1'6 feet

Size L

This kimono size is L. 5'3~5'6 feet 

The length 170.5cm  5'6 feet

The length of sleeve 48cm  1'6 feet

Shipping cost

It is fixed $20- for the shipping cost in US, and Canada. 

Return policy 

We offer free returns with in 30 days of purchase.  

Returned items must have no visible signs of wear or use.

Any shipping fees the customer will need to pay. 

Contact me if you need more information. 


表の生地も裏の生地も全て絹ですのでとても肌触りが良いです。 襟と襟抜きがついております。

サイズ S

身丈 158㎝

袖丈 49㎝

裄丈 64㎝

サイズ M

M size 155~165cm 

身丈 168.5cm

袖丈 49cm

裄丈 68.5cm

サイズ L

Lサイズ 163cm~170cm


袖丈 48cm

裄丈 70cm 







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