Kimono provider: Tachibana

About  Tachibana...

In 1959, Matsuya Yohinten was founded in Onasa village, Nagano City, to serve the local community. In January 1979, Tachibana Co was established.
The current president, Ryoji Matsumoto, has taken over the management of the company. He has started new services and businesses in response to the changing times, including a photo studios and kimono dressing classes that make it easier for a single person to put on a beautiful kimono and keep it in place. Currently, the company operates 21 kimono stores and 16 photo studios in Japan. We are also engaged in consulting and support business for photo studios and furisode (long-sleeved kimono) stores.

We provide support for kimono events by holding monthly kimono parties, offering self-dressing classes, and kimono cleaning classes.
We hope that our customers can pick up our products with confidence and peace of mind, so that they will be able to enjoy wearing kimonos with excitement.
We aim to provide heartfelt hos
pitality so that our customers will be able to have a wonderful and enjoyable time with their families.




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